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LIFELAB Laboratory is equipped with high-level-technology services and facilities (i.e. 3D- Bio Printer...) in order to adequately support LIFELAB researches programme. The lab/services/facilities could be made available to other/external researchers, upon specific conditions.

Any income arising from this external services provision will be used to fund LIFELAB researches.


Vacuum Concentrator SpeedVac 130DLX-230

The unit is equipped with a front panel with a double timer for automatic or manual working conditions. Within the machine there are predefined and custom programs which allow the user to recall and register programs for future applications.
Specific for: water, buffer, ethanol, methanol, acetonitrile with 0,1%TFA, ethyl acetate, ammonium hydroxide, methylene, chlorine, hexane.
It is equipped with an ice trap with a -105°C working condensation chamber and high vacuum pump (273 liters/minute)


Cryostat Cryostar NX70

Innovative cryostat that allows to enhance sectioning quality using a novel knife carrier and an optional Vacutome to avoid wrinkles in sections. High quality motorized sectioning can be used to automate the cutting procedure. Indipendent blade holder and object cooling keeps cutting area at set temperatures even during periods of high use. The same Vacutome system can be used also to remove waste. It is provided of a cold disinfection system.


3D Printer MakerBot METHOD Performance

MakerBot Method 3D Printer is based on patented technologies from leading industry in the field Stratasys and grants optimal dimensional accuracy coupled with reliability of industrial grade 3D printers. MakerBot Method is a fusion filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printer with a 190x190x196 cm build volume and heated chamber. Compatible materials are PLA, TOUGH, ABS, Nylon. Support material is PVA .Layer resolution: 20-400 micron.

i-STAT sito.jpg

i-STAT fluid analyzer

Handheld battery-operated, blood analyser. Samples are processed automatically and results are provided in a few minutes. The analysis takes place through the use of multi-parameter disposable cartridges (Blod gas / Electrolytes / Hematocrit / Chemistry) or monoparametric cartridges (Coagulation / Endocrinology / Cardiac markers).


Supercontinuum laser

Supercontinuum laser (SuperK Compact, NKT Photonics): white light source delivering diffraction-limited light in the entire 450-2400 nm region with a brightness which is orders of magnitude larger than that of incandescent lamps and with far greater bandwidth than ASE sources or SLEDs (total output power >110 mW, total visible range >20 mW). The light is delivered in a single-mode fiber terminated with a high-quality collimator. The output is coupled to a tunable filter (SuperK Varia, NKT Photonics) in order to effectively turn the supercontinuum laser into a single-line laser with variable bandwidth (between 10 and 100 nm) and center wavelength (between 400 and 840 nm). Applications to microscopy, and materials and devices characterization, e.g., solar cells, optical fibers, detectors.


Magnetic Induction Cycler MIC PCR

The MIC (Magnetic Induction Cycler) qPCR instrument is an innovative, fast, compact and lightweight  thermal cycler, which uses magnetic induction for changing temperature during the PCR reaction. This allows for faster control and greater uniformity of the temperature in each phase of the reaction, assuring for excellent repeatability and high reproducibility of the technique.

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