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Age-dependent remodeling in infrapatellar fat pad adipocytes and extracellular matrix: a comparative study

Elena Stocco, Elisa Belluzzi, Martina Contran, Rafael Boscolo-Berto, Edgardo Picardi, Diego Guidolin, Chiara Giulia Fontanella Eleonora Olivotto, Giuseppe Filardo, Giulia Borile, Filippo Romanato, Roberta Ramonda, Pietro Ruggieri, Marta Favero, Andrea Porzionato, Raffaele De Caro, Veronica Macchi.

Patient-Derived Scaffolds of Colorectal Cancer Metastases as an Organotypic 3D Model of the Liver Metastatic Microenvironment

Edoardo D’Angelo et al.

Long non-coding RNA and extracellular matrix: the hidden players in cancer-stroma cross-talk

Edoardo D'Angelo et al.

Recellularized Colorectal Cancer Patient-Derived Scaffolds as In Vitro Pre-Clinical 3D Model for Drug Screening

Edoardo D'Angelo et al.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Scaffolds for Cartilage and Tendon Regenerative Medicine: From Bench to Bedside

Silvia Barbon et al.

Halogen-Mediated Partial Oxidation of Polyvinyl Alcohol for Tissue Engineering Purposes

Silvia Barbon et al.

Biomimetic scaffolds based on oxidized polyvinyl alcohol for advanced therapies in tissue engineering

Andrea Porzionato et al.

Infrapatellar Fat Pad Stem Cells Responsiveness to Microenvironment in Osteoarthritis: From Morphology to Function

Elena Stocco et al.

Contribution of Infrapatellar Fat Pad and Synovial Membrane to Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Elisa Belluzzi et al.

Infrapatellar fat pad in reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament versus infrapatellar fat pad in osteoarthritis: comparative characterization study by molecular biology

Veronica Macchi et al.

Hybrid membranes for blood-contacting surfaces: preliminary characterization

MartinaTodesco et al.

Design of novel ventricular chambers: comparison of three different models

V. Candela et al.

Two reliable control groups for infrapatellar fat pad characterization studies: from cadaver donors to anterior-cruciate ligament-patients

Veronica Macchi et al.

Tissue-Engineered Grafts from Human Decellularized Extracellular Matrices: A Systematic Review and Future Perspectives

Andrea Porzionato et al.

Development of Oxidized Polyvinyl Alcohol-Based Nerve Conduits Coupled with the Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor

Andrea Porzionato et al.

New bioresorbable wraps based on oxidized polyvinyl alcohol and leukocyte-fibrin-platelet membrane to support peripheral nerve neurorrhaphy: preclinical comparison versus neuraWrap

Elena Stocco et al.

Peripheral nerve remodeling after sharp transection and neurorrhaphy in rat: A comparison study between novel bioengineeed wraps

Elena Stocco et al.

Novel bioengineered wraps for nerve injury without subtance loss: Pre-clinical study

Andrea Porzionato et al.

A Comprehensive Comparison of Bovine and Porcine Decellularized Pericardia: New Insights forSurgical Applications

Sabra Zouhair et al.

Design of continuously variant metasurfaces for conformal transformation optics

Gianluca Ruffato and Filippo Romanato

Preliminary Computational Analysis of Three Configurations for an Innovative
Ventricular Chamber

Martina Todesco, Assunta Fabozzo, Gino Gerosa and Andrea Bagno

Label-Free Multiphoton Microscopy: Much More than Fancy Images

Giulia Borile, Deborah Sandrin, Andrea Filippi, Kurt I. Anderson, Filippo Romnato