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Development of a decellularization protocol for obtaining a reliable tracheal substitute: in vitro and preclinical in vivo studies in a swine model.

The treatment of airway lesions such as stenosis, fistula or neoplasia, is limited by the length of trachea that can be safely resected. The involvement of more than half of the tracheal length contraindicates a surgical approach because of the excessive tension that would be created on the anastomosis, with a risk of dehiscence of the suture.
Biomaterials obtained from decellularized organs and tissues have been widely used in both preclinical studies and in clinical setting, as they represent a promising strategy for developing a reliable tracheal substitute.
The aim of this project is to define a protocol for obtaining a non-circumferential tracheal acellular matrix of limited length that meets safety requirements and that, following re-implantation, can be effectively re-vascularized and re-epithelized from surrounding tissues.



S. Ferrari

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