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AMIMAR of vessels: 
A MIcro and MAcroscopic Radiological-assessment of bioengineered vascular systems.

The AMIMAR project is focused on the radiological analyses of different types of bioengineered samples belonging to small and large animal models using different techniques such as MicroCT, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance. Subsequent sets of radiological investigations providing an accurate microscopic as well as macroscopic assessment of the vascular system of different anatomical areas will be performed. The results of these analyses will provide crucial information about the vascularization of bioengineered samples and the viability of experimentally produced tissues. These experiments will represent the background for future studies involving bioengineered tissues or organs for transplantation in humans.

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C. Giraudo

Radiologist, responsible of the MicroCT Experimental Lab of the Radiology Institute, Department of Medicine – DIMED, of the University of Padova. Expert in MicroCT bioengineering, forensic and musculoskeletal applications as well as in oncological and musculoskeletal MR and PET/MR imaging.
Radiology Institute, Department of Medicine - DIMED, Padova University.

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